In the year of broken arrows, Dark Elven lords of the twin cities Ynath and Ynar formed an alliance with the powerful magi wizards against their cousins, the forest elves. Their settlement, an ancient and beautiful city known as Killinwar, possessed many riches as well as places of yet untamed power. The forest elves restricted access to these scared sites and so the allies decided to take their lands by force. Finding the settlement unprepared, they drove the defenders deeper and deeper into Greenheart forest. As the forest elves were on the verge of defeat, their prince, Iriyu Sivaiyah rushed an urgent message to the human city of Tilath. It's rulers quickly amassed an army of skilled human warriors and send them marching deep into the heart of the magi homeland and towards the magical city of Jivanaar. Without the presence of their arch mages, the magi city was quick to fall to the might of the human forces. As the victorious Human army marched north to the Dark Elven cities, word of Jivanaar's defeat reached the allies frontlines. The remaining dark alliance forces rushed back to defend the twin cities, hoping to crush the human uprising. When the armies finally clashed in the streets of Ynath, it was the beginning of a bloody battle that raged for many months. By the end of the conflict the city of Ynath lay in ruins, with both sides suffering sever casualties, a shaky peace was formed. Three decades after the war, Killinwar and Jivanaar have been rebuilt, only the ruins of Ynath are a constant reminder of the dark times the allies brought upon SilverSwords. In the four realms, life goes on, people go about their daily lives, but feelings of bitterness still remain between the citizens of the opposing sides. Its now up to the new generation to ensure the peace will last and to heal the lands and minds of those who remember the times of war. However, in the deepest, darkest corners of the magi high council and chamber of dark elven rulers, only the gods know what kind of twisted plots are being formed... On a moonless night an eerie mist is creeping among the ruins of Ynath and from among the shadows dark figures whisper words of vengeance and retribution. Suddenly a loud cry spoken in an ancient tongue, rose above the sounds of the night. To anyone it would have been meaningless, but for those lurking in the shadows, the meaning was perfectly clear "The alliance lives!".

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