Manager Darklight
I live in Scotland.. it rains here.. almost all the time, how depressing :P Things I like doing are coding, watching films, going to the pub with friends, listening to music really loud and the same song over and over again :P textually harassing girls on IRC and MSN, drinking lots, smoking lots, having coffee with two much coffee and too much milk :P I didn't like high school too much, therefore didn't get the best grades ever.. even though I was capable ;) I of course got an A for computing, later went on to college to study computing, got A's there also *brags* :P I've been coding PHP for a few years now, can obviously put together a mysql database or two, know all sorts of random stuff about computers and the internet, I enjoy what I do.. when I'm not being too lazy :)

Manager Everhate
This is my best friend, she is the Internal affairs manager for SilverSwords, this basically means she does everything else that I don't do :P I code while she has the joy of dealing with complaints, our constantly changing staff list, game ideas and development. Of course I couldn't live without her... or run this game! ;) She is from the Czech Republic.. she also enjoys drinking lots (she can drink more than me :P), Smoking lots, drinking coffee with too much milk and too much sugar, she is very creative and makes lots of little comic strips drawings which make me laugh :D She has over 5 years experience in running different role-playing groups, so is perfect for this job ;)

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