About SilverSwords

SilverSwords is an online text based role playing game where you battle other players, gain new levels and skills, wield a verity of destructive weapons, blow your enemy's to bits with powerful spells and of course rant on the forums about all of life's little  problems

SilverSwords started off in weird and screwed up minds of managers Darklight and Everhate (see the staff page for more about us). Having both played lots of different online games in the past, we were sick of seeing the same old things done over and over, so we set out to create a game with a difference. After many long nights spent in Everhate little bedroom In Prague.. Smoking, drinking large amounts of beer and red wine (we have since banned ourselves from drinking red wine together ever again ), the idea for SilverSwords was slowly formed. The game is based on a really cool story about ancient races and fighting.. and bleh bleh bleh.. read the story if you want to know more, I'm too lazy to explain here

Anyways, what we are trying to do is build up an online game on a scale never achieve before, trying to bring games like baldurs gate to a text-based and multiplayer format. This.. is about as easy as it sounds, so.. we needed some help. Although the staff list is always changing, I'll point out a few key people who have helped/are helping in the development of SilverSwords RPG. Orion is the second game coder, he knows more than any normal human should about mysql and php security, and adds all sorts of handy things (which makes me happy, because I'm usually too lazy to code them ). Twistedfates is our graphics artist, who will eventually be doing some in-game artwork for us, she is lazy like me, so we make a great team DamnedAngel.. now known as my BITCH ex-girlfriend, helped motivate me to actually get coding instead of downloading music or taking cig breaks, and although I now hate the cold blood than runs through her veins.. I guess I should thank her for that there are lots of other people I really should mention, but again.. laziness gets the better of me

SilverSwords is constantly growing and expanding, the entire project will take years to get anywhere near what we are planning, but in the mean time we are all having fun playing the parts of the game that are up just now, flirting on the forums, thinking up new ideas and making friends. I've explained as much as I can, to find out for yourself what makes SilverSwords special... signup now!.

~Manager Darklight~
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