Welcome to the SilverSwords RPG, a game with alcoholic managers and lazy staff team! The game is being improved as I type and you read. Some new stuff is awaiting j00 inside, so log in and take a look[sml s=happy] also Manager Orion is busy working on new weapons and items system and a new battle script, while me and Admin Awatar are preparing the Silverstreams location and Moderator Drelin and Game dev Starlong are making descriptions and quests for your Academies, so stay tuned for the new episodes of We Work Our Asses Off For You [sml s=wink] I uploaded higher lvl weapons a while ago, so all you lvl 3+ ppl out there: throw your old crappy weapons in the field and come pick a new one for the lvl 1-3 ppl go check em too, drool and try to get em soonish good luck. ---manager Everhate---

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